The Movement

The Inland Empire Women in Manufacturing (IEwim) “movement” matured through a collaboration of local manufacturers that came together to share information, resources, and manufacturing industry needs.  The Mayors Manufacturer Council was formed and facilitated by Mayor Acquanetta Warren, Fontana, California, and graciously hosted and coordinated by the Fontana Chamber of Commerce, on November 8th, 2017.

During this meeting, the council discussed the 600,000+ manufacturing jobs unfilled in the US, and how that number continues to climb.  Local manufacturing positions quickly came into review;

38 positions open at a manufacturer in Fontana…

29 positions open at a manufacturer in Riverside…

97 positions open at a manufacturer in the High-Desert…

 These are good paying local jobs, many with innovative career paths filled with technology and growth and great benefits!

We discussed the nonsensical stigma that a skilled laborer is somehow doomed to be less successful than someone with a college degree.  It’s just not true!

The manufacturing industry is not the same dirty, greasy, testosterone driven career path that our grandfathers once filled, yet it continues to have that reputation.

Women are largely underrepresented in the manufacturing industry – at all levels, and that has to change!  The councils view was that of inspiration to the female population. Let’s get women into those skilled labor positions!  It’s not that women can’t do it; any CEO will tell you that. It is the public perception of women pursuing a manufacturing career that needs to be modified.

Beyond the gender indifferences of this industry, our great region is broken into 52 incorporated cities…  many of those cities have fabulous programs to help the manufacturing industry thrive and succeed, yet resources are NOT shared and discussed.  Why? Where do we do this?

Unity had to be brought to this region, and it was clear from that gathering a movement was needed!!

This region is filled with support and “silo’ed” offerings!  We have multiple apprenticeship programs… incumbent worker assistance offerings… international manufacturing “MADE IN THE USA” growth opportunities… vocational schools with certification classes… State funded Training Assistance Programs…  multiple manufacturing grant opportunities and resources that must be shared #TogetherWeWin  

We support and encourage the women makers in this region!  We ARE breaking down stereotypes!

Get involved – inspire the next-generation – mentor – evolve – share our dream!